Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home Improvements - Creative Issues

For those who are still interested in the status of our guest room, here's an update.

The room with the light base coat. I figured with the white underneath, it would add to the final illusion of texture.

To help me determine how I was going to paint the trim and molding, I spent some time playing in various room color simulators. Benjamin Moore has one that allows for decorative types of painting so I spent much of my time there. While helpful, these things aren't always an accurate representation of how it will turn out.

According to the simulator, dark trim on the color washed walls looked great. Once in the room though, it looked pretty bad.

Light trim was better (next to the dark in the photo) but it still wasn't right.

So I got back up on the ladder, painted all the molding to lavender, then proceeded to color wash it the same as the walls.

This is what it looks like now.

Today I'll probably have the walls, trim and closet done with the color wash. Then I'll start on the ceiling. In a few days, we'll finally get a look at the floor. Hopefully, with that god awful carpet pad gone, the walls will stop clashing with the blue.


Mom said...

It looks better and better Eclectic. I think I like the dark trim though. It seems to frame the ceiling. I think it would have looked great once you got the clouds painted.

Dade said...

Wow! What a transformation! You know, I really like the "texture" effect of what you've done on the walls.

In answer to your question about my recently-cleaned-out basement, eventually Maty and I will get it put together, but that's going to be a (very) long term project.

Good for you with this remodeling. It's starting to look really good, from what I can tell.