Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Home Improvements Day 3

When Mom and I installed vinyl wallpaper in the kitchen a decade or more ago, she absolutely insisted I size the walls. At the time, I didn't want to "waste the time". Well, now I'm glad I did. If I ever want to get it off, it should cooperate. The stuff I’m dealing with now…..stubborn, sticky, stinky pain in the ass……

This old wallboard has no primer underneath, no sizing, no paint, no nothing. This wallboard stuff is the predecessor to sheet rock. It looks like cardboard and my brother says that's exactly how it's made; layers of cardboard glued together. The good side of that is when I gouge the hell out of it trying to get off paper that's become one with it; I won't hit any sheet rock crumblies underneath.

Yes, the walls are rough and I don’t care. Decorative painting will use that feature to my advantage. That will take less time than trying to smooth out walls. Besides, rough walls are a feature of this house that I’ve accepted long ago.

I'm tired and it's only the start of day 3. My hand is swollen and every muscle aches. On a positive note, I'll be in better physical shape when this is done -- if I don't keel over first.

Day 2 now on the wallpaper steamer. Gee, I hope I get the paper off soon as that damn steamer is 20 bucks a day. It should be hot now. Time to go back to work.

When I get the paper off, I'll post photos.

P.S. Mom really did do 1/3 of a wall yesterday and her help is appreciated.

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Mom said...

Yes sizing works like magic when removing wallpaper. I wonder if I sized the wall before I hung the wallpaper in my sitting room...hmmm I must be having a senior moment. All I can remember is trying to deal with the paneling the former owners put over the fireplace wall after they had a fire. yes, knotty pine board paneling in a victorian house. Yuk!

Eclectic, you are young enough and love your home enough to live there long enough to redecorate a few more times. You will love that sizing.