Thursday, November 18, 2010

Smoked Salmon Mousse Oh My

I have always had an aversion to salmon. Smoked, broiled, canned, baked, it didn't matter. That fish was written off my menu. Permanently.

When visiting with friends, no matter how many decades the friendship has lasted, the question always arises; what won't/can't you eat? I ask every guest coming into my home that question. I don't want to spend time, money and effort making something they won't or can't eat. Not only that, expecting someone to eat something they find disgusting is, well, rude.

Funny thing is, there's always something a guest fails to mention. Some food they find totally inedible is left off their yuck list. Oddly enough, I somehow manage put in front of my guest, that very same omitted food. It annoys and embarrasses me terribly.

"Eeeeewwww. I can't stand spicy food."

To which the logical response is, "then why the hell didn't you tell me?" Sheesh, it wasn't like I served Yack Spit or something. I didn't know Tandoori Chicken is gross......

The old saying, "what goes around comes around," is not only true, it's a bitch.

When my friend in Florida asked us that inevitable food question (numerous times over the course of a week) I did to him exactly what others have done to me. I left a food with a high yuck factor off the ick list. Never once did I say, "salmon."

So what does he serve our first night there? Smoked salmon mousse.

When I saw it sitting there, silly me did the very thing I vowed never to do to anyone. I blurted out, "Eeeewwww, salmon. How disgusting!"

Foot, find mouth.

In all fairness, the mousse was accompanied by fine wines, a nice cheese plate, duck pate and crackers. It wasn't like I was left to starve.

Still, I had been a bad guest. Perhaps it was guilt. Maybe it was the wine. For whatever reason, I decided to eat the stinkin' fish.

They say tastes change. They do. And crow can be delicious. Husband and I liked that salmon mousse so much, I've come up with a recipe. Heh.

Salmon Mousse

3 oz. Scottish Smoked Salmon. I used St. James brand
1-1/2 oz. cream cheese
2 teaspoons (or so) lemon juice
1/2 medium onion
2 dashes cayenne pepper
1 pinch salt
3 large pinches (to taste) cane sugar
heavy cream

Except for the heavy cream, starting with the onion, drop ingredients into a food processor with the motor running. Scrape sides down as often as necessary. Add heavy cream slowly until desired consistency is reached. Mousse should be light, fluffy, spreadable and smooth.

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