Thursday, May 5, 2011

About Our Wine Grading System

Since the number system seems to be inconsistent for us, I'm going to start using the old fashioned school system. A, B, C, D & F.

We could never agree what number "barely drinkable" should be and I don't think it was translating well to the blog either. Barely drinkable should probably be a D to a C-. An F graded wine gets poured down the drain -- literally.

I'm not going back and re-rating all those wines previously blogged, that would be too much like work. Going forward though, it's the new system. I hope everyone likes the new letter grades as much as we do.

A side note on buying a wine again: We take into consideration how much we liked it with dinner and how it drank to the bottom of the bottle. We also put a heavy emphasis on price. With all that factored in, sometimes a lower rated wine ends up on the buy again list, while a higher rated wine doesn't.

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