Thursday, October 9, 2008

Punto Final Reserva 2005

  • Area: Argentina, Mendoza
  • Grape: Malbec
  • Alcohol: 14.7%
  • Rating: Black; 93 Dilettante: 96 Nwjr; 92
Description: The nose has inviting aromas of blackberry, carrot cake, spicy oak and a hint of violet. This is like a 3 stage rocket; bold and sweet on the attack, soft and fruity in the middle then a strong, dry finish kicks in at the very end. Smooth and refined flavors of blackberry, spice and dark fruit have great highs and lows. This wine has complexity, balance and no heat. Nwjr said, "Everything is thrown into a blender and kicked back at ya. Very malbecian." Decant 10 minutes to loosen it up.

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NWJR said...

After all I drank last night, I'm getting nauseous just looking at wine REVIEWS!