Monday, April 28, 2008

The Glass Matters

I've read all over the web that the shape and style of the wine glass makes the same wine taste completely different. I didn't believe it so I tried it. I've tried it on friends who like wine, those who don't and even die hard beer drinkers. Everyone noticed a huge difference.

Glass A: The most common wine glass. Cheep and heavy, it has a lip or a bead around the edge. This glass is commonly used in restaurants and is the easiest to buy.
Glass B: Reidel white wine. Made of thin glasss it has a smooth edge.
Glass C: Reidel pinot noir. This also is thin glass without a lip. The Reidels are much harder to find and more expensive.

Experiment: French Bordeaux, Chateau Suau Cuvee Presitge 2000. The same wine, from the same bottle, poured into 3 different glassess netted 3 different results.

Glass A
Nose: Some earth and green apples.
Taste: Not much going on. 1 dimensional wine. The high acidity completely overpowers the fruit. It's so sour I would hesitate to cook mushrooms with it.
Glass B
Nose: Some earth and flowers. The green apple has disappeared.
Tate: The acidity has dropped considerably netting a more balanced wine. It's smoother with flavors of light red fruit. The finish is quite dry (tannic). In this glass the wine is more dull than sour.
Glass C
Nose: Oak, leather, purple florals of lilac, violet and lavender.
Taste: The acidity and tannins are now balanced giving the wine length and structure. Spice, dark current, a hint of leather and plum give this wine character and complexity. Complete review below.

Eveyone is always shocked after playing this stupid party game. The 'experts' aren't full of bull. When it comes to wine, the glass really matters.


NWJR said...

I wouldn't have believed it either, but I do now.

grrrrrrr said...

WOW! It sure does make a difference. My suggestion, if you feel you have purchased a bad wine at first taste, is change your glass.