Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Human Cash Register

In this day and age where it seems stupidity reigns supreme, occasionally some one stands out with exceptional skills. In this case, it was a night club worker on the other side of the world. I call him the human cash register because that's exactly what he was.

The Double Six is a nightclub in Bali. It sits on the beach, looks like a Balinese Temple, comes complete with lush swimming pool and large pits of open flame. When we were there they played techno house and the DJ was absolutely seamless.

What was truly amazing though, despite this club's upscale status, it didn't have a cash register. One guy handled all the money and he kept very close track of the 4 bartenders under him. He knew exactly which customer ordered what and which tender was serving them and exactly how much they were supposed to pay. No freebies here. The price of an arak madu at the time? $1

He kept track of every single sale in a place that gets 1500 people on a week end. I was astounded at this guy's unique skill. No calculator, no pad and paper. He did it all in his head.

The brilliance some people possess is truly impressive.


Dade said...

So true! Human beings are amazing.

I remember being in Lisbon and going on a city tour. Our guide, a middle-aged woman, did her monologue in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, and Italian...

R said...

What's remarkable about Dade's comment is that this multilingual marvel was a tour guide. In America, she'd be a highly-paid translator at the UN or something. I've seen people with lesser skills go much further.